Delivery methods

Normally tables will be delivered with the bases detached from the table top as this tends to make delivery more straightforward. 


Mainland UK

Deliveries to the mainland UK and within 4 hours drive of Kent will normally be delivered by the company using our own employees and vehicle. This enables us to assemble the piece for you.

Deliveries to more distant parts of the UK may be delivered by other methods and the proposed method would usually be noted in any quote we make to a client.

Crane for delivery of walnut console table

Challenging Deliveries

If a delivery is difficult due to constraints of the building we can visit the site to assess the options and arrange for scaffolding and cranes if needed to deliver the table safely in one piece.

Crating for international shipping

International Deliveries

For international deliveries we can crate the items and deliver them to a UK depot if you are pooling furniture and shipping together.

Alternatively we can arrange for airfreight and seafreight to the nearest major airport / seaport. The client would then normally arrange the 'local leg' collection from the port to their premises.

Above is an example of a 3m table top and table bases crated for delivery.

Delivery Costs

  • Prices quoted will not as standard include crating costs as the assumption will tend to be that Whetstone Oak will deliver direct to site.
  • The cost of delivery for larger items such as tables will usually be included within the price quoted for the table itself if delivering to the mainland UK
  • The cost of delivery for smaller items such as stools and sidetables will usually be broken out as a separate item in quotes
  • The costs associated with shipping internationally will vary depending on the size and location but some example locations and illustrative costs for shipping a typical 3m table are given below. Seafreight as part of a mixed load container would tend to be less expensive than the airfreight options quoted below.
    • Paris, £295 + VAT, by road
    • Milan, £354 + VAT, by road
    • Cologne, £336 + VAT, by road
    • New York City, airfreight, £1,164 + VAT, cleared but excluding duties and taxes
    • Los Angeles, airfreight, £1,164 + VAT, cleared but excluding duties and taxes
    • Dubai, airfreight, £1,092 + VAT, cleared but excluding duties and taxes
    • Hong Kong, airfreight, £1,104 + VAT, cleared but excluding duties and taxes
    • Tokyo, airfreight, £1,430 + VAT, cleared but excluding duties and taxes

(We typically do not need to raise VAT on international sales)